On our promotional products page, you’ll find customizable pens and sticky notes, bags, golf balls, and even lip balm—all customizable with your imprint. As is the case with the business essentials we offer, many promotional products serve two purposes. They provide value in and of themselves, and also they carry your brand with them!

Do they work? In surveys, 84% feel it leaves a good impression of your company, while 81% keep promotional products for more than a year!

Promotional items are great for putting fun, and/or utility, and your brand in the same place at the same time. Many promotional products we offer are quick and inexpensive to manufacture, even in large quantities.

Our database has hundreds of thousands of options. So if you don’t see what you want, don’t worry. We probably have that, too. Just call us for ideas, and we’ll get you a quote.

Face Masks; Neck Gaiters/Wraps; Bandanas;

Large variety of protective face covering options. Single layer, 2 layer & 3 layer. Adjustable & Non adjustable styles. One color, full color & sublimation imprint options.


Imprinted pens have long been a staple of marketing. They’re inexpensive and keep your name in people’s sight for a long time. Ask about the thousands of styles of pens we offer to match any vision and budget.


In the same vein, cups and mugs are becoming a more and more popular option for branding with promotional products. People use cups every day, and it’s an item that most people tend to look at closely when they pick it up.

USB Drives:

USB drives are particularly important and less disposable than a lot of other promotional items. People depend on their USB drives, so when your promotional item comes in handy, your business gets associated with that utility.


Customized bags are one of the most practical options for promotional items. They are inexpensive and carry your brand on them in public whenever and wherever they are used.

Desk Accessories:

Another under-utilized option for promoting one’s brand with small but important items is customized desk accessories. From business card holders to letter trays to desk organizers, we have a lot of affordable options that put your brand in people’s offices and houses. Plus, if you need these items in your office anyway, why not go with an option that puts your name on them?

Stress Balls:

Millennials love stress balls. It’s an undisputable fact, and that’s why you might be seeing more and more of them around. They are inexpensive to customize and manufacture, so put your brand out there—and help your customers relax!


Bracelets with little messages on them had their heyday 10 to 15 years ago, but they are still popular and even making a comeback. People like bracelets that have mottos or reminders on them. Whether it’s your company’s name or slogan or just a giveaway for a special event, bracelets are an easily distributable type of promotional item we can provide.

Electronics Chargers:

People can’t go anywhere without their phone chargers. So, put your name on them, and get your name seen all over the place. Only good things will happen when the difference between a dead phone and service is a little gadget with your brand on it!

Key Chains:

Key chains hold some of the most important little objects in our lives. They’re seen by many people and are cheap to produce. Contact us for a quote for customizable key chains that promote your brand.

Bottle Openers:

As is the case with drinkware, bottle openers capitalize on the fun times and good feelings that come with opening a bottle of their favorite beverage. Get in on the fun with your company’s logo, and ask us about customizable bottle openers.

Poker Chips:

Customized poker chips will get your brand associated with good times without necessarily involving alcohol. They are quite a fun and useful raffle item that live in people’s homes.

Lip Balm:

People who use lip balm don’t go anywhere without it. Have them bring your brand with them by putting it on a product that helps one’s wellbeing.


Buttons have always been relevant, but they are another random object millennials happen to like. People put buttons on bags, backpacks clothing and more. Ask us about hundreds of choices of buttons for your promotional or other special event.

Golf Balls:

Yes, it’s a stereotypical, but businesspeople and golf go hand in hand. Whether it’s for an event or a free/cheap promotion, corporate golf balls are on the rise, and we can usually swing it. Join the club and putt your brand on golf balls for a low price (all puns intended).

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